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Pudsey Labour Councillor Richard Lewis

Josie bows out after 25 years service for Pudsey

Josie takes a bow after 25 years service to Pudsey Councillor Josie Jarosz is not seeking re-election in the upcoming all-out local Council election in May. She has served as a councillor for Pudsey Ward since September 1993, having first being elected in a by-election following the tragic and untimely death of Cllr. Ann Hickinson.

Councillor Josie Jarosz says:

"I am going to miss working with my colleagues Cllr. Richard Lewis and Cllr. Mick Coulson for the benefit of Pudsey residents. I have a growing family of grandchildren and great grandchildren and I want to be a part of their lives. The duties of a councillor are getting more time consuming in the effort involved trying to mitigate the damaging effect that austerity is having on public services."

Josie's ambition throughout her time in office has been to ensure that the voices of residents are heard and acted upon. She set up residents' forums in Tyersal, Pudsey and Swinnow. One achievement of the Pudsey forum was to make First Bus think again about the service they offered to Pudsey residents, with some improvements made to alleviate problems passengers were experiencing. Josie has also campaigned year in and year out for a Leeds Children's Hospital and there are indications that a Leeds Children's and Maternity Hospital is now finally in the pipeline. She brought this to the attention of full council to ensure all councillors support the project to go ahead.

Councillor Jarosz is pleased that Pudsey Branch Labour Party have selected Louisa (Lou) Cunningham to stand in the May elections in Josie's place as a Pudsey Councillor on Leeds City Council. Lou believes, as Josie does, that it is through working with communities that the most benefits can be gained. Lou feels very lucky to have such a dedicated, knowledgeable and committed councillor as Josie to provide mentorship into the role.

2nd April 2018

Jeremy Corbyn joins Ian McCargo in Swinnow

Jeremy Corbyn joins Ian McCargo in Swinnow Yesterday Labour's parliamentary candidate Ian McCargo was delighted to host Jeremy Corbyn in Swinnow. They spoke together at a campaign event just a few hours after Jeremy had launched the excellent Labour manifesto in Bradford.

Hundreds of people turned up to see them and Swinnow community centre was bursting with enthusiastic supporters.

Pudsey Labour parliamentary candidate Ian McCargo said:

"Labour's highly anticipated manifesto was making waves even before its release. We now have a fully costed vision to transform Britain for the many, not just the few.

"This election comes at a critical time for local people in Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough. Our schools are in crisis. Our hospitals, social care and mental health services are creaking. Our young people are struggling with increasing debt and housing costs. This is Tory Britain. I've worked and lived in this constituency for many years with my wife, daughter and young sons. I understand the struggles facing local families.

"The election here is a contest between the Tories and Labour. Our area won great improvements to the NHS, schools, police and transport when we had a Labour MP. Labour and Co-operative action rather than Tory cuts and slogans can once again address the challenges confronting our community."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

"It was great to visit Swinnow community centre in Pudsey and hear our candidate Ian McCargo @PudseyLabour talk so passionately about our manifesto #ForTheMany. It was inspiring to see so many people turning out to back the Labour Party's campaign including improving education for all, scrapping tuition fees, inceasing childcare and providing free school meals for all primary school children."

17th May 2017

Urgent Action on Pudsey sinkhole

Bus Symbol The discovery of a dangerous sinkhole caused by a collapsed sewer led to the immediate closure of Littlemoor Road. The 14 and X14 buses could no longer use their usual route. This led to residents having to walk long distances in order to catch the bus and has impacted traffic as cars were diverted to alternative routes.

Pudsey Labour Councillors quickly took up the issue with Highways and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) to find a temporary solution - which saw buses diverted along Carlisle Road and back onto Fartown and Greenside. This allowed traffic to pass through in both directions (with traffic signals so that the work could be completed) and enabled the buses to visit parts of the area, making a significant difference to local residents.

The repairs to the sewer along with filling the sinkhole and making the ground safe again have now all been completed successfully, with full access and services once more all in action.

Thanks to rapid intervention by Pudsey Labour Councillors, Yorkshire Water and the Highways Authority, the disruption to locals was minimised as effectively as it could have been, and no future recurrence of the problem is anticipated.

Councillor Richard Lewis said:

"This is the sort of perfect storm that you cannot prepare for - whilst collapsed sewers and sinkholes are thankfully rare they need to be responded to quickly. So there was no choice but to close Littlemoor Road for the section where it joins Roker Lane. We've worked with Yorkshire Water and Highways to make it usable again as quickly as possible whilst minimising any dangers and risks to residents, pedestrians and road users."

31st March 2017

Pudsey Labour improves bus services

Bus Symbol Campaigning by Pudsey Labour Party councillors and activists has resulted in First Bus improving the services in Pudsey and reversing many of the unpopular changes introduced in the autumn.

Following recent consultation drop-in sessions held in the Pudsey area, First Bus will be making the following changes with effect from 19th February:

  • X14: Addtional services direct to Pudsey every half hour during morning and evening rush hour.
  • 4: Daytime buses (between rush hours) will extend their run to and from Galloway Lane every half hour.
  • X11: New evening and Sunday services between Pudsey and Bradford.
  • 11: Improved timetabling to reduce waiting times and speed up your journey.

6th January 2017

Boundary Commission proposes local ward changes for Pudsey

Pudsey Ward Proposals The Boundary Commission has been looking at the local City Council boundaries and has recommended some minor changes to the boundaries of Pudsey and Calverley & Farsley wards.

A number of Leeds residents have complained that Rodley is split between Bramley and Calverley/Farsley wards, so the Commission is proposing to put all Rodley into Calverley/Farsley. As this makes Calverley too big a ward, the suggestion is that the streets between Richardshaw Lane and Lodge Road (the building fields) move into Pudsey ward.

The Pudsey councillors think the ward boundary changes make some sense, as there is a huge amount of confusion amongst residents who identify themselves as Pudsey folk and who live close to the town centre, but vote in Calverley & Farsley, despite not living anywhere near.

You can comment on the Boundary Commission proposals via the website.

5th December 2016

General Election - Register to Vote

Register To Vote

Two million people have registered to vote since the start of the election campaign - but there are another seven million unregistered people across Britain. If you've not received your polling card then the deadline to join them is Monday 22nd May at midnight. Don't lose your chance to have your say and make a genuine difference to Pudsey and the country.

Click here to register to vote now - it takes just five minutes.

Join Labour at Pudsey Carnival

The Labour Party will have a stall at Pudsey Carnival on Saturday - come along to meet your councillors and your election candidate Ian McCargo, plus find out how Labour will make a positive change for Britain.

Postal Vote Deadline

The deadline for postal vote applications is Tuesday 23rd May at 5pm. If you want a postal vote then you can download an application form from the Leeds Council Elections Office here.

19th May 2017

Ian McCargo Election 2017 Newsletter

Ian McCargo's general election newsletter is being sent to homes across Pudsey and is also available to download here [221 KB] :

Ian McCargo Election 2017

13th May 2017

General Election - Ian McCargo

Popular local Labour activist Ian McCargo has been selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Pudsey constituency in the upcoming general election. Ian said "I am honoured, proud and delighted to have been chosen as Labour candidate in Pudsey constituency. Many thanks to everybody who has supported me so far, and I look forward to working hard with you in the weeks ahead.

Catch all the latest from Ian on Pudsey Labour Twitter and on Ian's own Twitter.

Ian McCargo, Josie Jarosz and Mick Coulson

6th May 2017

Pudsey Post Office
Petition - Save Pudsey Post Office

A petition has been launched by a local resident to save Pudsey Post Office from closure.
Simply click on this link and sign the petition for your voice to be heard:

Residents of Pudsey: Save Pudsey Crown Post Office

4th February 2017

Dismay at Pudsey Post Office announcement

Pudsey Post Office Dismayed Pudsey residents have learned that their local Post Office has been earmarked for potential closure. The Post Office has announced that 37 branches across the country are under threat, including the branch on Church Lane in Pudsey. Partners are to be sought for these services, meaning that the Post Office facilities may be relocated into a retail store.

Following this announcement, local Councillors Josie Jarosz, Richard Lewis and Mick Coulson have vowed to fight to protect this vital local service.

Pudsey Labour Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"It is particularly disappointing that this announcement has been made with no prior discussion with Ward Councillors. In Pudsey we have seen a number of Post Offices closed in the last few years and it would be a huge loss to the community if the central Post Office were to also disappear.

"Myself and my ward colleagues, Richard Lewis and Mick Coulson, will be working tirelessly to explore all options for the maintenance of this service, including the possibility of franchising. We are determined that these important community facilities remain available to the people of Pudsey."

Councillor Josie Jarosz is holding a resident's forum meeting on Tuesday 31st January 7:30pm at Café Lux in Pudsey where this issue will be discussed. If you have any views on this then please contact Josie or attend this meeting.

16th January 2017

'Scruffy' porches get a makeover at local sheltered housing scheme

The wooden porches at the Greenside sheltered housing complex have been renewed, thanks to the involvement of Pudsey Labour Councillor Richard Lewis. A programme of works to the flats, involving replacement of rotten fascia boards, soffits, fall pipes, etc., as well as the overcladding of existing wooden porches, has just been completed.

Richard commented:

"Tenants at Greenside have put in a lot of effort over the years to making the area look attractive, particularly through their gardening, but the wooden porches really let the scheme down. When I asked the local housing team a few months ago I was told that work would be done in the next couple of years, but this wasn't good enough - and I got a commitment that they would sort out the porches. They've been as good as their word and the porches have been overclad in uPVC - so they'll last for many years without the need to re-paint. I hope all the residents are happy with the outcome."

8st December 2016

Parking Sign
Housing Improvements

Improvements to council houses and sheltered housing schemes aren't paid for out of council tax. They come out of the rents our tenants pay.

Work has been completed on creating additional car parking spaces on Meadowhurst Gardens. Local councillors Mick Coulson, Josie Jarosz and Richard Lewis have pushed for this scheme. Previously, residents have had to park on a very narrow stretch of road where it was very difficult for anything larger than a car to get past - this was a real concern should residents have needed an ambulance. Now residents can feel that their vehicles are safe and they won't be stuck in an emergency. Green Bench

Meanwhile, the Outer West Housing Advisory Panel, comprising of tenants and councillors, has agreed to:

  • Three new metal benches being installed at the top end of Claremont Grove to replace the existing ones that are past their sell-by date.
  • One new bench at Highbury Place, Swinnow.

24th November 2016

Pudsey Bus Notice
Pudsey bus services - a new chance to have your say

The pressue from Pudsey's councillors and residents have spurred West Yorkshire Combined Authority to organise three drop-in sessions with First Bus in November and December to get people's views on local bus services.

Details are in the poster on the right.

One of our eagle-eyed members spotted that First Bus had redeployed some comparitively newer Leeds buses in Bristol during the Severn Tunnel closure last month (pictured below). Unfortunately this seems to have been at the expense of Pudsey residents who have to make do with older and less comfortable buses, especially on the 14 route.

Leeds First Bus in Bristol

19th November 2016

Pudsey Lights switch-on
Pudsey Christmas lights switch-on

WY Metro Pudsey is gearing up for the Christmas lights switch-on which will take place on Friday 18th November.

Your councillors have once again ensured that the funds are in place and Councillor Mick Coulson in particular has spearheaded the co-ordination across Pudsey.

From 5pm there'll be:

  • Several indoor and outdoor Christmas markets
  • Live entertainment and music
  • Spectacular fireworks
  • Pudsey's carnival queen
  • A special visit by Father Christmas at Café Lux

Local Labour activists are also encouraging shops and businesses in central Pudsey to enhance the festivities by decorating their high street windows.

13th November 2016

Pudsey Labour Party continues to campaign for better bus services

Bus Symbol Pudsey Labour Party councillors and activists are continuing to campaign against the unpopular changes made by First Bus to the services in Pudsey, especially the 14/X14 and 4. Your councillors have continued to receive complaints and have been disappointed with WY Metro the response from First Bus.

Councillors Josie Jarosz and Richard Lewis urged residents to make a complaint to Metro rather than directly to First Bus because it will be publicly logged and monitored. You can complain both generally about a service and specifically about a particular incident.

8th November 2016

Leeds Trasport Conversation
Have Your Say on Leeds Transport Future

Leeds City Council wants to hear what you think about the future of transport in Leeds. Getting our transport system right is critical to a prosperous and sustainable city economy that helps all our communities to be successful.

Leeds Council will use your views to develop their future transport strategy and plans for transport investment across the city. They've set up an online survey which is open until 11th November and only takes ten minutes to complete.

31st October 2016

Boundary Commission proposals for Pudsey

Proposed Pudsey Constituency The Tory government wants to reduce the number of parliamentary constituencies by fifty and the Boundary Commission for England have proposed cutting two MPs' seats in Yorkshire, including Rachel Reeves' constituency of Leeds West.

The published draft proposals keep the Pudsey name but substantially change the shape and nature of our constituency.

Since 1950 the Pudsey Parliamentary constituency has started at Pudsey ward, headed north to Calverley and Farsley ward, before stretching north and west to Horsforth, Rawdon and Guiseley.

The new proposals for 2020 take out Horsforth, Rawdon and Guiseley, they retain Pudsey, Calverley and Farsley, then they add in Bramley, Stanningley and Armley from the Leeds West constituency, plus Tong Ward in Bradford.

A public hearing in Leeds is taking place on 13-14 October in the Aspire building, 2 Infirmary Street, LS1 2JP - the old Yorkshire Penny Bank just round the corner from the station. This is an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposed changes to our constituency. You can also submit comments via their website.

The 12-week consultation closes on 5th December 2016.

9th October 2016

Conservative cuts hitting Leeds
Conservative cuts hitting Leeds

Government plan to take further £100 million from Leeds

In 2010 Leeds City Council received £445 million a year in funding from central government. This funding is spent on front line services here in Leeds - on care homes, public transport, housing and our environment. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats cut this £445 million a year right down to £231 million a year.

And now, the Conservatives want to take an additional £100 million from Leeds every year. Leaving us with less than 30% of the government funding we had before the coalition came to power six years ago. More COnservative cuts

Councillor Judith Blake - Leader of Leeds City Council - said:

"The Government's decision to take all this money from Leeds in such a sustained and counterproductive period of austerity has had an unfair and damaging impact on the city.

"There are now 14,000 more people in Leeds living in deprivation since the start of these cuts.

"If Leeds received the same level of Government funding per person as Wokingham in Berkshire, we would have an additional £100 million per annum in our budget."

16th September 2016

Bus changes in Pudsey cause hardship

Josie arriving at the Wellbeing Centre to meet concerned residents Your Pudsey Councillors have received a great many complaints about First Bus's plans to alter the timetables. It was clear that this was going to cause considerable hardship to working people in Pudsey.

Cllr. Josie Jarosz first contacted West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority and then the directors of First Bus to demonstrate how difficult First Bus were making it for their customers.

After hearing more stories at her surgery in the newly opened community hub, Cllr Jarosz invited disgruntled bus users to attend a Forum meeting at Café Lux, Wellbeing Centre (pictured) on Robin Lane to meet a representative from First Bus so that he could hear first-hand the disruption and elongation of workers' days by the proposed alteration to the timing of the buses, particularly at morning and evening peak times. It was a well-attended, lively meeting and every person who wished to speak had an opportunity to do so.

In the event, there was little concession made by the representative from First Bus, however he did undertake to return after the changes had been put in place and hear how the system had been working. A further meeting has therefore been arranged for Wednesday 7th September so that passengers in Pudsey can have their say about the working of the revised timetables and once again try to persuade First Bus to put passengers before profit.

Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"Anyone is welcome to come along on Wednesday 7th September to Café Lux in the Wellbeing Centre on Robin Lane at 7:30pm to tell First Bus what they think of the new timetables which were imposed with very limited consultation. I am very grateful to the Wellbeing Centre and more particularly the staff at Café Lux for hosting this event at short notice. The Wellbeing Centre is in the heart of the Pudsey community and serves the whole of the community in many different ways."

23rd July 2016

Leeds Labour Party campaigns against puppy farming

Puppy Campaign Puppy Farming is a multi-million pound industry, but the puppies are often sick, infected and carrying genetic diseases, which frequently end in heartbreak for families (often with young children) and huge ongoing veterinary bills.

Pictured are Bramley and Stanningley ward Cllr. Kevin Ritche (centre), Pudsey ward Cllr. Josie Jarosz (right) and concerned dog owner, local Pudsey resident and party member Lorraine Mawston (left).

Councillor Jarosz explained:

"My concern is for the suffering of the animals, the puppies, the mothers and the stud dogs which are often kept in terrible conditions. Also for the families who pay a great deal of money (over £500 in many cases), who believe that if they are paying so much then the puppy must be healthy and been well cared for. It must be such a tragedy for families to then discover that the pet they have come to love is ill or dying."

Councillor Ritchie added:

"I'd like to see the end of puppies being sold in pet shops away from their mother and believe the use of puppy farms to be unacceptably cruel. As the owner of a beautiful rescue greyhound I would encourage people to get a rescue dog, there are many breed specific rescue centres and you can often get a puppy or young dog too."

20th July 2016

Road Surfacing
Lordswood Grange finally re-surfaced

Developers Harron Homes have finally given Lordswood Grange and part of Gibraltar Road a proper road surface and carried out long-awaited landscaping works to the estate's public open space. This means that the Council can - once minor problems have been sorted out - adopt the highway and introduce parking restrictions which were part of the original planning permission.

Said local councillor Richard Lewis:

"This has been a complete pain for the residents. I'm relieved that the work has finally been done, but it should not have taken so long. At least we can now get the yellow lines down and sort out any inconsiderate parking."

30th June 2016

Armed Forces Day
Armed Forces Day

National Armed Forces Day was celebrated in Pudsey and across Leeds on Saturday 25th June with a packed programme of events, activities and entertainment.

Councillor Josie Jarosz wishes to thank Pudsey & Farsley Royal British Legion, the proprietor of the Royal Public House and a whole army of volunteers who worked so hard to make this such a good day in Pudsey. Stuart Andrew MP was present throughout, giving his support to the two charities The Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.

Josie said:

"Unfortunately I could not be there for the parade, but arrived later with my son, an Afghan veteran, and two grandsons. We enjoyed drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers and lots of good company."

This has been a regular event for the last six years and appears to be more successful year on year - a testament to all who contributed to its marvellous combination of community cohesion with fun and enjoyment.

27th June 2016

Pudsey X14 Bus
Pudsey bus service changes

Pudsey residents have an opportunity to comment direct to a representative of First Bus at the upcoming Forum meeting, to be held at Café Lux, Robin Lane, on Wednesday 6th July at 7.30pm.

First Bus have announced a number of changes affecting the Pudsey area which will start on 24th July. The biggest changes will be felt on the X14, 4/4A and X11 services; a large number of complaints have already been made to local councillors about the replacement of the X14 with a new 14 service which will go to Leeds via Bramley shopping centre and Raynville, significantly increasing journey times for passengers.

Forum chair Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"This is an opportunity for all Pudsey residents to tell First Bus what they think of the changes and to comment on the quality of bus services generally - their reliability, frequency, cleanliness and anything else that matters to you. If you use the buses or you would if the service was improved, please come along and have your say."

22nd June 2016

Changing rooms in Queen's Park to be demolished

Queen's Park Changing Rooms The disused changing rooms in Queen's Park are set to be demolished in the near future. Once the building has been demolished, it will be graded and seeded.

Local councillor Mick Coulson commented:

"I'm glad that the building is to come down. It's not served a useful purpose for some years, it's not repairable and it's just become a target for graffiti and anti-social behaviour. However, this doesn't mean we've given up on the idea of a fit-for-purpose changing rooms on the park.

"We're still committed to working with Sports England to access funding to provide changing facilities and tackle the drainage issues which limit the use of the playing fields. Itfs a long term project which we'll update people on as progress is made"

Campaigner Lorraine Mawston (left) added:

"As a local resident and regular user of Queens Park, l welcome the news that the changing facilities that have long been the target of vandalism and unsightly graffiti are to be demolished."

20th June 2016

Arthur Giles honoured by Pudsey Grangefield Arthur Giles at Pudsey Grangefield

Arthur Giles, a long-time member of Pudsey Ward Branch Labour Party has recently retired from his service as School Governor at Grangefield School after more than twenty years' service. In that time he has served the staff and pupils with complete dedication. Arthur has been a Vice chair-person on the main governing body in addition he has been a chairperson on various sub committees.

Arthur has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a School Governor and feels he has represented the staff and pupils to the best of his ability. He feels his biggest achievements have been the construction of a new school and the recent appointment of the new Head Teacher.

Arthur has been proud to serve Grangefield School and promote its links with the Pudsey Community. Arthur states "Grangefield is a brilliant school that has a lot to be proud of especially its academic and sporting achievements, Grangefield is going from strength to strength".

As a Labour Party member on the governing body of Grangefield School Arthur feels he has been able to bring to the governing body the Labour Party's commitment to working in the heart of the community for the benefit of all, particularly the most vulnerable and in need.

Cllr. Josie Jarosz is also a governor at Grangefield and she was present at Arthur's last meeting where the Principle and the Chair of Governors both praised his contribution and selfless dedication to the school. Arthur was given a farewell gift but the Governors also wish to mark Arthurfs departure from Pudsey Grangefield School by having a celebration dinner in his honour to him well for the future.

Arthur has also decided to retire from his position on the Governing body of Swinnow Primary School and the Chair of Governors thanked him for all his years of service particularly being part of the team of Governors who have appointed a new head.

10th June 2016

Tyersal fencing in place ahead of schedule

New Tyersal Fencing After dozens of horses got into Tyersal Park the new fencing has thankfully been installed many weeks ahead of schedule.

Councillor Josie Jarosz commented:

"The three Pudsey councillors have worked hard for many years trying different solutions to the problem of horses escaping from a local farm, churning up the football pitch and even getting into the children's play area. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Cllr. Coulson, a fence has now been erected around Tyersal Park.

"Finally the residents of Tyersal can sleep soundly, without waking up to horses in their garden munching on their plants."

9th June 2016

Josie Jarosz Election Result

Josie Jarosz has been re-elected to continue serving Pudsey as your councillor on Leeds City Council. Here's the full result for Pudsey:

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description
Arbuckle Jude Patrick 167 Liberal Democrats
Jarosz Josie 2884 ELECTED Labour and Co-operative Party
Johnson Laura Rosemary 220 Green Party
O'Neill Conor Andrew 211 Yorkshire First
Seary Simon Anthony 2120 The Conservative Party Candidate
Tattersall Kath 751 UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Electorate: 17283; Turnout: 36.9%

Josie Campaigning with Rachel Reeves MP and Council Leader Judith Blake

Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"I have so many different people to thank for my success from the resident who stopped me in the street and demanded a garden placard to the member who had undergone a knee operation but still walked delivered leaflets and canvassed for me.

"Rachel Reeves MP (above centre) came to Pudsey twice bringing many supporters with her. Judith Blake (above right-centre), the leader of Leeds City Council, brought members of the Executive to work in Pudsey. I received great support from Jamie Hanley, John Bracken, Lorraine Mawston, Colin Matthews and members of many branches who took time to help in Pudsey's campaign. We even had a non-member so incensed by what this government has done that he did several massive deliveries and joined us at the count. I have to confess to being a bit of a technophobe and relied on many others in Pudsey, Calverley/Farsley and Horsforth to help, but that help was freely given as soon as I asked.

"Finally I must thank my colleagues Cllr. Richard Lewis and Cllr. Mick Coulson who work so hard all year round, contrary to the losing candidate's comment on twitter."

Leeds City Council Leader Judith Blake said:

"Congratulations to all our successful candidates and thank you to everyone for their incredible hard work over the last few months in the local election campaign. The results in Leeds give a clear indication that the people of the city back the hard work of their local Labour councillors and have re-elected them on that basis. I'm also delighted that the people of Leeds have elected a Labour Group that for the first time has more female councillors than male.

"Despite continuing Government cuts to the council's budget and the loss of around 2500 staff, the results give us a basis from which to fight to protect vital public services and promote economic growth to create much needed jobs for the people of Leeds."

8th May 2016

EU Referendum - Register to Vote by 7th June
Register to Vote for EU Referendum

The referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union is on Thursday 23rd June 2016. You can vote in this referendum if you're registered to vote in the UK, are 18 or over on 23rd June and are British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen living in the UK.

Register to Vote If you're not already on the electoral roll, you need to register to vote by midnight on Tuesday 7th June 2016 to have your say in the EU Referendum. If you're already registered to vote you'll have received a poll card in late May.

29th May 2016

Josie's Election Pledges

Josie's Election Pledges

25th April 2016

Councillors call for action as horses surge through park

Horses in Park Pudsey Labour councillors Josie Jarosz, Mick Coulson and Richard Lewis are calling for firm action to be taken to deal with the owners after more than fifty horses got into Tyersal Park in Pudsey over the weekend, even getting into the children's play area. The horses were eventually rounded up. Parks staff have brought in sections of temporary fencing and are putting a new gate on the play area to prevent a recurrence until the arrival of permanent fencing - due in August - paid for by the local councillors. A grass cutting team is working to give 'first aid' to the grassed area.

Councillor Josie Jarosz commented:

"This is Pudsey in the 21st century, not the Wild West in the 19th century. Residents should not find their park full of horses. It has happened too often before - though not on this scale - and we need to have concerted action to sort out the horse problem in this area. I'm pressing for the Council to use all its powers, including appropriate legal action, to come up with a solution which meets the concerns of local people over their environment and the welfare of the horses. The bottom line is that owners of livestock have a duty to stop them roaming; if they don't, they should be paying compensation for the damage they've done.

"We've used our funds to provide permanent fencing, but that won't arrive 'til August. In the meantime we've a temporary solution that won't look very attractive, but should do the job. Parks & Countryside staff will have to monitor the situation intensively over the next few months so this doesn't happen again."

Please report any such incidents to Parks & Countryside Farnley Hall head office 0113 395 7400 daytime or ParksWatch helpline 0113 232 9973 anytime.

30th April 2016

Labour concern about Pudsey railway cutting

Councillors in Pudsey have raised concerns about work around a railway cutting in the ward. Councillors Josie Jarosz, Richard Lewis and Mick Coulson are worried about the impact of works on the cutting, running parallel to Station Street, near the Royal Public House.

Pudsey Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"We know that the best developments are the ones with full local consultation and community involvement at every step of the process. As a local ward member I have not been adequately consulted on work in this area and I hope this can be remedied by the companies involved quickly.

Josie Jarosz and the Railway Cutting

"I am very concerned that there is not only work taking place in the vicinity of the railway cutting, but that waste could easily fall into it. I am outraged and disturbed about the impact on the surrounding areas, including on local wildlife, if trees and vegetation are being removed.

"The vegetation has only just recovered from the last time it was cut back, so it is desperately disappointing that it has been cut back again.

"We will, of course, make sure that Council officers are looking into these issues and, as with everywhere else, will look to ensure that if there are any breaches of planning or enforcement they are appropriately responded to. However, the onus must be on those responsible for the work to come and talk to local people and elected representatives to ensure everyone has had a chance to fully understand and comment on any plans for the area."

12th March 2016

A little bit that helps

Councillor Josie Jarosz In Pudsey we've a good record of building new affordable homes to rent, including a number of council houses. However, thanks to the Government seeing 'starter homes' with a quarter of a million pound price tag as its priority, housing associations are struggling to get rented schemes to stack up financially and delivering homes to rent at a reasonable rate is getting very difficult. To Let Sign One thing we are able to do is buy back a few ex-council properties that have been sold under the Right to Buy. It's not a cheap option, but it will provide a few extra council homes for Pudsey people that we wouldn't have otherwise.

Josie Jarosz said:

"I'm very supportive of this scheme. There's nothing more infuriating than seeing a former council house with a landlord's 'to let' board outside it which you know will have a price tag that's out of reach for many local people."

15th April 2016

25th anniversary for Rycroft Green high rise sheltered housing

This month marks the quarter century for the conversion of a tower block in Swinnow to sheltered housing. Jon Trickett, Labour Leader of the Council at the time and now M.P. for Hemsworth, came up with the idea which saw half a dozen blocks across the city upgraded, given extra security and provided with a resident warden. One enthusiastic supporter of the scheme - which cost £500,000 per block - was a (fairly) young councillor Richard Lewis.

Councillor Richard Lewis Since then, Labour councillors have pushed through a number of initiatives to keep the Rycrofts area attractive. The biggest was the demolition of a number of very unpopular maisonette blocks and their replacement with family housing with gardens in the late nineties. Work is still continuing - with much support from the tenants' Housing Advisory Panel - to continue improving the blocks internally and the overall look and feel of the area. Over the past year or so:

  • New fencing has been erected along the Stanningley bypass
  • Communal gardens have been improved
  • Garage forecourts have been resurfaced
  • Recycling facilities have been improved
  • Internal areas of the flats have been re-decorated
  • A 20mph zone has been introduced

Said Richard Lewis:

"For all the work we've done, the Pudsey councillors still want to do more in this part of Swinnow. Our big ambition is to see the four high rise blocks re-clad to make them more energy-efficient and bring down fuel bills for the tenants. I'm still hopeful that we'll achieve this over the next few years, even though the Government has messed about with funding for council housing to make this more difficult."

18th April 2016

Councillor Josie Jarosz
Church Lane - road improvements to start on 18th April

Work will begin on the kerbing and footpaths of Church Lane from Robin Lane to Radcliffe Lane on Monday 18th April. Work should take about three weeks to complete. All residents in the streets running off Church Lane have been informed and every effort will be made to allow them to get their cars in and out while work is in progress. Work will only take place off-peak to minimise disruption.

Said Councillor Josie Jarosz:

"This is the most-used stretch of pavement in Pudsey and I'm very pleased that the work is being done. I'll be even happier when the follow-up works to re-surface Church Lane itself take place."

11th April 2016

Re-elect Councillor Josie Jarosz Josie, Rachel, Mark and friends

Rachel Reeves MP and Mark Burns-Williamson PCC, were out and about in Pudsey with Councillor Josie Jarosz reminding Pudsey that the local elections are on 5th May 2016.

Also the election for the Police and Crime Commissioner takes place on the same day and Mark Burns-Williamson is the Labour Candidate for West Yorkshire.

9th April 2016

Leeds City Council Tackling Fuel Poverty

Councillor Richard Lewis The cost of energy is a big deal for all Leeds residents. The government's response to concerns about the cost of energy is to tell people to switch their suppliers, but many people do not because they find the tariffs on offer confusing and feel that the good deal they get today will turn out to be not such a good deal when the suppliers next put their prices up. In short, people do not trust the energy companies.

Labour-run Leeds City Council has come up with a solution to the lack of trust: its own energy supply company. Instead of a remote company that's accountable to its shareholders who want to maximize profit, Leeds's energy supply company will be accountable to the citizens of Leeds and will be committed to being transparent and ethical in its dealing with the public. The expectation is that the average resident could save between £100 and £200 a year for anyone switching. Not only will it benefit individuals, but the council will sign up all empty council homes to the new company as a way of ensuring tenants get a good deal. The company will also be targeting tenants who are currently saddled with paying for energy in the most expensive way - pre-payment meters - to get them to switch to cheaper 'pay as you go' options.

The scheme will begin with the switching of council empties in the near future. The main launch will start over the summer and residents will be able to sign up from September.

Pudsey Councillor Richard Lewis commented:

"I'm very proud to be associated with this project. We won't be able to say that we'll always have the cheapest energy on the market, but we think we can save money for most residents and we won't manipulate tariffs on a whim. The aim is for the company to be eyhical in its dealings and have a mission to benefit the people of Leeds by reducing fuel poverty. I'll even sign up myself."

8th April 2016

Josie Jarosz Traffic Light
Lighting the way in Pudsey

Pudsey Labour Councillors have successfully pressed to get something done to improve the pedestrian lights on Church Lane in the centre of Pudsey, in order that people don't have such a long wait for the green man to appear after pressing the button.

At long last, a solution may be at hand - but it has to be tested to see if it causes unacceptable traffic congestion.

The plan is to install a small piece of kit into the signals in May. This will then have to be tested and tweaked to see if it improves the performance of the lights.

It's not thought that it will work during peak time because of traffic volume at that time, but it should make it easier for shoppers for most of the day.

3rd April 2016

Health and wellbeing at the heart of Pudsey community

The wellbeing of the people of Pudsey has become well-rooted within the local community through the work of the Pudsey Wellbeing Centre.

Josie Jarosz and Pudsey Wellbeing Centre

Councillors Josie Jarosz, Richard Lewis and Mick Coulson have praised the role of the Wellbeing Centre within their ward, which is making a huge difference to the lives of many people within the local area.

The Centre focuses not just on physical health, but rather social, community, career/purpose and financial wellbeing also, and aims to improve the wellbeing of the people of Pudsey so they can live healthier and longer lives.

As part of the Wellbeing Centre's aim to work closely with local people and to increase its profile, an engagement event was held at the Centre on Thursday 25 February 2016, at which Cllr Josie Jarosz was a speaker. The event promoted the positive services available for all. Partners attended to listen to the views of health staff, volunteers and patients alike, in relation to what the Centre is doing right and what changes could be made to improve the services even more.

A huge number of activities are provided for people of all ages and all skills at the Centre, many of which are of no cost to those who use them. These include a Baby and Toddler Group, 'Bosom Buddies' (a breastfeeding group), an Arts Workshop and PATS (Pudsey Adults Time to Spare) Group for those over the age of 40, as well as a Walking Group, Singing Group, Sewing Group and Bridge Group. Alongside these is access to a Weight Management Service, physical activity sessions, a Physiotherapy Service and Talking Therapies. At the centre of the facility sits Caf? Lux, where activities take place and visitors can socialise.

The 'Love Pudsey' Charity, of which Councillor Jarosz and Councillor Coulson are trustees, uses the Wellbeing Centre to promote their work. Offering a range of activities, services and community events through the social, health and volunteering sector, the Charity has a vital role in helping to improve the overall wellbeing of local people.

They also run a strong volunteer programme, through which the local community can get involved and share their own skills and life experiences with others and be part of a friendly and supportive group.

Pudsey Councillor Josie Jarosz said:

"Health and wellbeing are fundamental to allowing people to have full, active and independent lives. This is why both the Pudsey Wellbeing Centre and the 'Love Pudsey' Charity are working so hard to provide much-needed services and activities for the whole Pudsey community. We are aware that many people face different challenges relating to their wellbeing, including people doing less exercise, having more unhealthy diets, suffering more from chronic diseases and experiencing increasing loneliness. This is why the focus is on ewholef wellbeing and not just physical health.

"I was delighted to attend such a positive event at the Wellbeing Centre last month, where we were really able to showcase the brilliant activities and facilities available to everyone in the community. These fine examples show the community coming together to tackle social isolation in particular within the local area. I look forward to being part of further activities through them both."

21st March 2016

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