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Your councillors are available at their regular surgeries:

  • First and third Thursday of the month, 5pm-6pm at Pudsey Library
  • Last Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm-8pm at Tyersal Residents' Club
  • Last Saturday of the month, 10am-11am at Swinnow Community Centre

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Jeremy Corbyn joins Ian McCargo in Swinnow

Jeremy Corbyn joins Ian McCargo in Swinnow Yesterday Labour's parliamentary candidate Ian McCargo was delighted to host Jeremy Corbyn in Swinnow. They spoke together at a campaign event just a few hours after Jeremy had launched the excellent Labour manifesto in Bradford.

Hundreds of people turned up to see them and Swinnow community centre was bursting with enthusiastic supporters.

Pudsey Labour parliamentary candidate Ian McCargo said:

"Labour's highly anticipated manifesto was making waves even before its release. We now have a fully costed vision to transform Britain for the many, not just the few.

"This election comes at a critical time for local people in Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough. Our schools are in crisis. Our hospitals, social care and mental health services are creaking. Our young people are struggling with increasing debt and housing costs. This is Tory Britain. I've worked and lived in this constituency for many years with my wife, daughter and young sons. I understand the struggles facing local families.

"The election here is a contest between the Tories and Labour. Our area won great improvements to the NHS, schools, police and transport when we had a Labour MP. Labour and Co-operative action rather than Tory cuts and slogans can once again address the challenges confronting our community."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

"It was great to visit Swinnow community centre in Pudsey and hear our candidate Ian McCargo @PudseyLabour talk so passionately about our manifesto #ForTheMany. It was inspiring to see so many people turning out to back the Labour Party's campaign including improving education for all, scrapping tuition fees, inceasing childcare and providing free school meals for all primary school children."

17th May 2017

Urgent Action on Pudsey Sinkhole

Bus Symbol The discovery of a dangerous sinkhole caused by a collapsed sewer led to the immediate closure of Littlemoor Road. The 14 and X14 buses could no longer use their usual route. This led to residents having to walk long distances in order to catch the bus and has impacted traffic as cars were diverted to alternative routes.

Pudsey Labour Councillors quickly took up the issue with Highways and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) to find a temporary solution - which saw buses diverted along Carlisle Road and back onto Fartown and Greenside. This allowed traffic to pass through in both directions (with traffic signals so that the work could be completed) and enabled the buses to visit parts of the area, making a significant difference to local residents.

The repairs to the sewer along with filling the sinkhole and making the ground safe again have now all been completed successfully, with full access and services once more all in action.

Thanks to rapid intervention by Pudsey Labour Councillors, Yorkshire Water and the Highways Authority, the disruption to locals was minimised as effectively as it could have been, and no future recurrence of the problem is anticipated.

Councillor Richard Lewis said:

"This is the sort of perfect storm that you cannot prepare for - whilst collapsed sewers and sinkholes are thankfully rare they need to be responded to quickly. So there was no choice but to close Littlemoor Road for the section where it joins Roker Lane. We've worked with Yorkshire Water and Highways to make it usable again as quickly as possible whilst minimising any dangers and risks to residents, pedestrians and road users."

31st March 2017

Pudsey Labour improves bus services

Bus Symbol Campaigning by Pudsey Labour Party councillors and activists has resulted in First Bus improving the services in Pudsey and reversing many of the unpopular changes introduced in the autumn.

Following recent consultation drop-in sessions held in the Pudsey area, First Bus will be making the following changes with effect from 19th February:

  • X14: Addtional services direct to Pudsey every half hour during morning and evening rush hour.
  • 4: Daytime buses (between rush hours) will extend their run to and from Galloway Lane every half hour.
  • X11: New evening and Sunday services between Pudsey and Bradford.
  • 11: Improved timetabling to reduce waiting times and speed up your journey.

6th January 2017

Boundary Commission proposes local ward changes for Pudsey

Pudsey Ward Proposals The Boundary Commission has been looking at the local City Council boundaries and has recommended some minor changes to the boundaries of Pudsey and Calverley & Farsley wards.

A number of Leeds residents have complained that Rodley is split between Bramley and Calverley/Farsley wards, so the Commission is proposing to put all Rodley into Calverley/Farsley. As this makes Calverley too big a ward, the suggestion is that the streets between Richardshaw Lane and Lodge Road (the building fields) move into Pudsey ward.

The Pudsey councillors think the ward boundary changes make some sense, as there is a huge amount of confusion amongst residents who identify themselves as Pudsey folk and who live close to the town centre, but vote in Calverley & Farsley, despite not living anywhere near.

You can comment on the Boundary Commission proposals via the website.

5th December 2016

Your three Labour councillors battling hard for Pudsey ward in Leeds

Click on them to visit their councillor pages on the Leeds City Council website

Councillor Mick Coulson

Councillor Mick Coulson


Councillor Josie Jarosz

Councillor Josie Jarosz


Councillor Richard Lewis

Councillor Richard Lewis


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